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The Story Behind the Movement:

Founder Ayana Webb has had her share of triumphs and challenges in creating a thriving music career, but she wouldn’t change a thing about her journey if she had the chance.

Ayana’s story began when she decided to drop her paid accounting internship in college, realizing that she was running from her true passion. She then decided to switch her major to what she really wanted to pursue: music. She, like most of us, still hadn’t figured out exactly what she wanted to do within the music realm, but she knew she would figure it out over time.
Despite living in a world that looks down upon most entrepreneurial ventures in the music business (thus the term “starving artist”), Ayana found her way to success when she started filling her schedule with her own private piano students. Some years later, she learned the art of social media and online marketing, with the help of powerful mentorship, and began her online business, “The Musical Webb”. She started selling online piano courses through her site and was able to leverage her online business to over six figures in sales.
The Digital Webb is the result of all the lessons, tactics, and successful strategies discovered that can help other businesses build their empire through online marketing and business models. This site is a growing compilation of courses, workshops, training programs, and many more resources designed to show other entrepreneurs how to thrive online. Check out some of the courses and programs below.

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"I would recommend Ayana to everyone, whether you're a business owner, or independent artist, her services would vastly improve your brand/product. She is amazing to work with, and very affordable! Within a few days I was able to see an increase in traffic to my site, and social media pages. "

- Darron D, Founder, Good Start